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Kodaikanal - Pristine Beauty of Hill Stations


Kodaikanal is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. The kodaikanal name in Tamil language means “The gift of the God”. Kodaikanal is also called as Princess of hill stations. Kodaikanal is the most famous hill stations in India. It is a most popular tourist destination. This is included in famous tour places in India. Here you can feel the cool climate every time. The beauty of the nature in Kodaikanal mesmerizes the visitors. Other than the famous in Kodaikanal, the place is pride of ‘Kurinji-flower’(Strobilanthus Kunthanus), which blossoms once in 12 years. The best time to visit Kodaikanal is from April to June and September to October.  There is one manmade lake in kodaikanal it is called as Kodai Lake. Pine tree forest and pillar rocks are very famous places for visiting. Not only the locals are visiting this place but also this beauty attracts tourist from all over the worlds.


The fruits and vegetables in kodaikanal are very famous for its quality and freshness. Flower shows and boat races are the main festivals of kodaikanal.  Kodaikanal is a must see tourist places in India.  Other sightseeing attractions in Kodaikanal includes Coaker’s Walk, Bear Shola Falls, Green Valley View, Shenbaganur Museum, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, Guna caves, Silver Cascade, Dolphin’s Nose, and Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple . We can say that kodaikanal is visitor’s paradise because of its charm and charisma. It is not possible to cover all the places in kodaikanal within one day. Because there are lot of fantastic places to visit. So whenever you are planning trip to kodaikanal plan 2-3 day’s trip. Then only you can cover all the places and experience and feel the beauty of nature.


The murmuring sound provided by the lake, waterfalls makes visitors mind cool and fresh. Temperature is always less here. So any time you can plan a trip to Kodaikanal tourist places. Cycling is famous here. You can hire a cycle and pedal alongside the placid lake. It will be a fresh ride for you.  Your dream ends here because this is the perfect destination for enjoyment. In your every step you can see the attractive places in kodaikanal. If you are planning a tour to India then you must include kodaikanal tourism in your list.


Famous tour places in India helps you to cover all the places in kodaikanal. Kodaikanal will be very crowded place. But this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the place. Just plan your trip such that you visit the various sight-seeing places at the right times, before or after the peak. It will be more fun that way. Hope you have an enjoyable trip!

Haridwar Tourist Places: Feel the Real Charm of India

Haridwar is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. This beautiful place is located in the state of Uttrakhand .It is a religious destination for Hindus. The meaning of ‘Haridwar’ is ‘Gateway of God’. It opens the door to four most famous pilgrimages of India namely Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangothri and Yamunothri.  These four pilgrimages are also called as Chardham of India. Year after year thousands of pilgrims visiting here to take bathes in the holy Ganges to get moksha or salvation.  At this point water is crystal clear and very clean.  Haridwar Tourist Places are good for visiting. Haridwar is the venue of the popular festival Kumbh Ka Mela or Kumbh Mela, which is held every 12 years. Kumbh Mela is lastly held in 2010. It is believed to be the largest religious gathering in the world and attracts millions of people.


September to June is the best time to visit Haridwar. The summer is between the months March and June. These days are hot and but the nights remain pleasant. One way to cool off is by taking a dip in the holy Ganges. Haridwar is a most interesting place for believers and non- believers because of its atmosphere. Believers are taking bath in the Ghats, pandits performing pujas, and sadhus sitting in deep meditation.  Other famous temples in Haridwar are Mansa Devi Temple, Gorakh Nath Temple, and Daksha Mahadev Temple. Haridwar Tourist Places are very famous in north India.


In the month of July there is a festival called Savan was celebrated. In the time of festival thousands of people flick to Haridwar. It is not a good time to visit this place during this time; because major roads and hotels are crowded by the people. Here you can experience the real spirituality. Whenever you are planning a trip to India you must visit this holy place. The famous five sacred bathing spots in Haridwar Tourist Places are Gangadwara, Bilwa Theertha, Kankhal, Kusavarta, and Nila Parvata. The main ghat at Haridwar Hari-ki-Pairi (literally, known for a footprint of Vishnu on a stone in a wall) is known as main ghat of Haridwar.


Haridwar is also a good place for shopping. Haridwar offers you good handicraft items also. You can use these items for decoration and it is also used as gift items. Near to market surroundings of the temple you can find some jewel shops. There you will get some jewel items like bangles, nose ring, chain, earrings which are imitations of jewels in devotee.  Plan a trip to Haridwar Tourist Places and enjoy the real charm of India.

Manali Tourist Attractions-The Magnificent Attractions of India


Manali, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, is located at a valley close to the National Highway heading towards Leh. The name Manali originated from the term Manavalaya, which refers to the Home of Manu, the forefather of all human beings. Why we have to plan a trip to Manali Tourist Attractions? The reason is that, it is better palace for tour. Manali is one of the primary places to visit in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. The cascading fountains descending down all the way from the undulating lofty Himalayan ranges are too beautiful to describe in words. The pure pictorial grandeur prevailing in the pleasant climate is a haven for tourists. With the lush green grasslands contrasting with the velvety mountains, Manali is essentially known as the Queen of the Western Himalayas. Manali is a great place to explore. A complete Kullu Manali Tourist Attractions is truly an amazing holiday experience as the hills, tourists spots, beautiful scenery and the weather make it a perfect place to see.

Don’t plan a trip during the rainy season. Suppose if you plan a trip, the rains will create some landslides so be prepared for delays and obstructions. The town is fine all the years. You will need some waterproofs to stroll around in. Rohtang Pass will have little snow due to the rains and the higher temperatures. The most famous places to visit in Manali which includes-Solang Valley, Hadimba Temple, Rahalla Falls, Naggar Castle, the Manali Gompa, Vashisht Temple, Manu Allaya Resort etc.

imageThe most popular feature of Manali is the beautiful snow-covered speaks. It attracts the tourist towards this place. Every year tourist around the globe is visiting this beautiful place. Manali Tourist Attractions are best places for travelling. Climate of the Manali is generally cold always. April to June and October to December are the best time for visiting Manali tourist destination. Winter carnival is the festival in manali. The hill resorts of Manali offers you a picturesque spots, it attracts the tourist around the globe not only the local peoples are attracted here. Rafting, Skiing, Paragliding, Mountaineering, Heli Skiing are the best activities in Manali.

Whenever you are planning a trip doesn’t forget to add Manali Tourist Attractions in your list. Cheap Tour Operator India will help you to cover all the tourist destinations in Manali. The sightseeing attractions in Manali will help you to refresh your stressed mind. If you are having tensions in your work it makes you feel unhappy. Planning a trip will help you to get tension free mind. 

Gujarat Tourism: Colorful and Mesmerizing Travel to Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist destinations in India. This colorful state is a land of rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and handicrafts. If you are wish to see the rich culture and heritage in India, plan your trip to Gujarat tourism. Here you can find ports, beaches and hills, which makes this state a popular tourist destination. This beautiful and colorful place is visited by billions of tourists from all over the world.

Planning a travel becomes a must when you have been working for long time without leaves, full of stress and tensions. Visiting a new location and repeated travelling to it is certainly fun and it helps us in reviving ourselves and gaining the lost zeal in life. India is a place full of tourist locations which you can travel to and enjoy your free time. If you are thinking of making the most of it and want to enjoy such places choose to go for Gujarat tourism.


imageThis city is famous for Adalaj step-well. Gujarat tourism includes this place. Adalaj Step-well is situated in the village of adalaj.The Adalaj Step-well, an intricately carved structure. Built in 1499 by Mohammed Begda for Queen Rani Roopba, wife of Veer Singh – the Vaghela leader, the Step-well is a ‘Hindu water reservoir’ which during that period met the basic water needs in the area. It is also known as ‘Vav’ in Gujarati language. The multistoried step well has many underground rooms and each pillar is a piece of art. Step well is used as meeting and resting-places during summer since their cool interiors offered unbelievable respite from the scorching sun outside. It is mainly included in the Gujarat tourism.


imageAhmadabad is a famous tourist place, as there are number of interesting places to see in and around the city. Ahmadabad city are splendid monuments, wonderful museums and gorgeous lakes. Gandhi ashram is one of the important tourist destinations in Ahmadabad. This is also known as Satyagraha Ashram. It is situated in banks of the Sabarmati River. Ashram is very beautiful because it is surrounded by trees and flowers.


imageJamnagar, earlier known as Nawanagar or the new  city. This city known for its tie & dye work on fabrics, silken & gold embroidery. Tourists can visit Jamnagar throughout the year. There is no time for visiting. You can visit this place and you can enjoy the days with Jamnagar. The city was built up substantially by Maharaja Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji. Some of the famous tourist hotspots in Jamnagar include; Kotha Bastion, Willington Crescent, Lakhota Fort, Solarium and Jamsaheb’s Palace. So never miss Gujarat tourism.


imageIt is also known as Baroda. The history of the state is filled with wide range of attractions including museums, art galleries, historical monuments, palaces and nicely landscaped gardens. If you go with Gujarat tourism you can visit all these places. The city prides itself on having more attractions including the popular picnic spot Nazarbaug Palace, Galteshwar on the banks of Mahi River, Kirti Mandir, an ancient village called Kayavarohan Laxmi Vilas Palace, Makarpura Palace and more. Plan a trip to Gujarat tourism.

Jaipur Tourist Attractions: A Breathtaking Experience

Jaipur, also known as the “Pink City”, is the capital city of Rajasthan, India. The places to visit in Jaipur are smeared with rich architectural work and tales of bravery. The Jaipur city was once ruled by the fearless Rajput Warriors who fiercely protected their land. In the urge to protect the land, they created some of the massive Forts which have passed the test of time. Today these Forts & Palaces are major tourist attractions in Jaipur for travelers across the globe. Not confined into chivalry the royal clan also had a very subtle sense of architecture. One may witness the rich and elegant style in most of the mighty and beautiful structures around the city. The work of art is visible not only from the outside of the palaces but also from inside. Don’t miss to visit jaipur tourist attractions.

Whether it is the stunning structure of Hawa Mahal or the grandeur of city palace one would be left spellbound in the royal past of this northwestern city of India. A visit to Jaipur tourist attractions would not only take you back in time but would also reveal the romance and the elegance of the city.These are mainly included in jaipur tourist attractions.

City Palace

City Palace is actually a complex of palaces and was the official residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur. The palaces provide a beautiful synthesis of Rajput, Mughal and European styles of architecture. The palace complex has beautiful gardens, courtyards and buildings. It was built during the years 1729 – 1732. City Palace is a top tourist destination. This is the most important place in jaipur tourist attractions.

Amber Fort

Raja Man Singh built Amer Palace in 16th century. It is a mesmerizing blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture. Rajputs made use of this Amber Fort from the 16th century up to the foundation of Jaipur in 1727. The Amber Fort was used by the Rajputs both for defense purpose as well as the residential purposes. Thus within its mighty walls, one finds charming gardens and magnificent palaces made from marble and precious stones, richly decorated with intricate stonemason works and paintings, which represented royal splendor and luxury.

Hawa Mahal

Another spectacular monument overlooking the  city,Hawa Mahal is known as the “Palace of Winds”. Built for the Rajput women who would see through the many windows of the palace, is a historical site today. It is the most famous destinationsin jaipur tourist attractions.The exceptional architecture by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799 is adjacent to the City Palace. The five-storey building is made of red sandstone and has around 900 jharokas or small screen windows.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar was built by Maharaja Jai Sing II in 1728. It is an astronomical observatory consisting of several structures that were used for astronomical measurements. From Equinoctial Sundial to instrument measuring the zenith distance of Sun are located at The Jantar Mantar Observatory. Some of the instruments built are Vrihat Samrat Yantra, Jai Prakash Yantra, Nadivalaya Yantra, Kapala Yantra, Chakra Yantra, Dakshinottara Bhitti Yantra, Sasthamsa Yantra and Krantivritta Yantra.

Jaigarh Fort

The western skyline is dominated by the extensive parkotas (walls), watch towers and gateways of Jaigarh. It is one of the few military structures of mediaeval India preserved almost intact containing palaces, gardens, open and covered reservoirs, a granary, an armory, a well planned cannon foundry, several temples, a tall tower and a giant mounted cannon the Jai Ban one of the giggest in the World.

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort was the capital residence of Raja Sawai Jai Singh in 1734. Strategically built to ward off enemy, is a 19th century masterpiece. The stone built walls and the high-rise rooms are all quite captivating to the tourists. Overlooking the Aravalli Hills, there are nine chambers for the queen and the dancing hall heavily adorned with interior works on the ceiling. In the evening, Nahargarh Fort is the site to see.  Don’t miss to travel the jaipur tourist attractions. These are the most memorable places to visit.

Great Places to Travel: Feel the Depth of Indian Culture and Sense the Bliss of Nature

As we know that India is a majestic land where one can discover, wonderfully ascetically designed temples of ancient period where the tourists can see the Khajuroho, oldest Brahma temple in Pushkar, well decorated forts Of Mughal era like Taj mahal and alluring wild life safari of wild life sanctuaries where the wild life seekers can view roaring lions, tigers, huge and strong elephants and birds. Moreover, there are many great places to travel india, where one can wander on the desert land and take the camel ride on Thar Desert and even wander and see the cultural vast of different religion. Further, in this land the visitors can come and see the natural beauty of these and for this they can Visit tom south destinations and even enjoy the Ayurveda and Spa treatments. So of you are interested to see the magnificent land and sense the aesthetic pleasure of the soil do visit in India and see the historical cities which have contributed major magnitude in the past and presence. Further, India the travelers can see the natural, back water in Kerala; this is the one of the great places to travel in india. Interestingly, these places are the best places to visit in India.

Taj Mahal

It is regarded as one of the “Seven Wonders Of The World”. This ideal white monument is an epitome of love built in 1648 by the great Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Located in the city of Agra, this is one of the great places to travel in india,seeing the very sight of this monumental wonder will leave you awe struck. As you walk through the aisles of Taj Mahal the cascading waters seems to greet you and the tall tomb structure with its four pillars offers a breathtaking sight. 

Qutub Minar

One of the most beautiful architectural beauties of India, The Qutub Minar lies in the city of New Delhi. This particular stone minaret is believed to be 238 feet tall made from red and buff sandstone. The very sight of this monumental edifice leaves you baffled. The monument has 5 stories with balconies telling different tales and stories about the past.


Kerala is more of nature lover’s delight. The state is referred to as called ‘God’s own country’. The natural beauty of Kerala is refereshing, be it the backwaters of Allepey and Kumarakom or the tea gardens of Munnar. The wildlife sanctuaries - Periyar, Kumarakom and Wayanad - are abode to both ferocious and beautiful flora and fauna this is the great places to travel,never miss this place. Also, the people of Kerala, their lifestyle, cuisine, festivals are very different.


No other destination in India matches up with the fun loving spirit of Goa. The beaches are the prime attraction here where you can enjoy both leisurely walks and adveturous water sports. The churches are not only attractive because of their architectural style but also because they stand reminder to the centuries of Portuguese rule that Goa has seen in the past. The New Year celebration and the Goa Carnival in February are the time when maximum number of tourists visits this state.

Golden Temple

It is one of the most important sacred places of religious worship for the Sikh community. Located in the heart of Amritsar City in the state of Punjab. As soon as you enter the Guruduwara Premises a sense of deep spiritualism engulfs you with the sound of ‘Guru Bani’, a kind of religious hymn which is sung continuously from dawn till the sun set. This religious place which is visited by thousands of devotee’s everyday is a perfect blend of striking natural beauty and sublime peacefulness. 

Khajuraho Temple

The Khajuraho town is full of temples but of a different kind. The sculptures portray eroticism which is not to be found in all other temples. A perfect combination of science and art.According to mythologies, the Moon God seduced and ravaged a beautiful Brahmin girl known as Hemvati, resulting in the birth of Chandravarman .It is also believed that this town is the result of a dream of Chandravarman.This is Built in ‘Nagara’ style (a north Indian architectural design).This is the most famous and great places to travel in India, never miss all these places.

Explore the beauty of the city with Tamilnadu Tourism

Tamil Nadu, with its distinctive ancient Dravidian culture, is a fascinating part of south India. Tamil Nadu tourism offers you a chance to witness the beauty of several destinations of the state. The state draws both tourists and pilgrims alike to its towering, intricately built temples. Beaches and hill stations are popular destinations in tamilnadu tourism as well. This beautiful state is located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal in the midst of the deep blue Indian Ocean, bordering with Kerala in the west, Karnataka in the northwest and Andhra Pradesh in the north. There are many tourist places in this beautiful land, which attract tourists from all over the world. Tamilnadu tourism will help you to cover all the places in tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu tourism is the fascinating experience for the tourists from India and foreign countries. Tamil Nadu is wealthy with the places which have beautiful destinations to travel around. Tourism to tamilnadu is like a paradise for the pilgrims as this state has the most numbers of temples in India. Tamilnadu tourism offers the opportunity to see the beauty and sculptures of the temples which are related with the ancient era.


     mamalapuram maha-shore          mamalapuram sea-maha

Though it is no longer a port, Mamallapuram has retained its fame in stone, thanks to the great contribution of Pallava artisans. It is among the most outstanding examples of Dravidian art and architecture and a jewel in the crown of Tamil Nadu. Mamallapuram holds its own, and stands as a silent yet eloquent witness to the glory of its creators.Unfortunately most of the work was left incomplete, and time and nature have also eroded the remains of this once great port. It is the main attraction included in tamilnadu tourism. Yet, Mamallapuram’s wonders in rock leave visitors enthralled, conveying as they do, an impression of beauty and harmony. The monuments are floodlit at night and so it is possible to enjoy their beauty even after sunset.


Tamilnadu tourism helps to visit all the beautiful places in tamilnadu. Today, the charm of Kodaikanal lies in its wooded slopes and gigantic trees. The mighty rocks, bowers,creeksandslopescaptivatethevisitors.                                                            


The meadows, the long stretches of forests, beautiful spots and the flocks of sheep grazing on green pastures are a source of joy, delight and thrill to onlookers. The climb to the various jutting rocks at Kodai is rewarding. The arduous climb to the Pillar rocks, to a height of 400 ft, is a must for every visitor to this hill resort.



Called the Queen of Hill Stations picturesque, green Udhagamandalam better known, as Ooty is the most popular hill station in the South. Located in the Western ghats at a height of 2240m, Udhagamandalam is the headquarters of the Nilgiris district where the two ghats ranges meet. If you want to enjoy the Tamilnadu tourism, it will really be an opportunity in your life.Nature has been generous with this region, which is by far the most beautiful in the state. Apart from coffee and tea plantations, trees like confiers, eucalptus, pine and wattle dot the hillside in Udhagamandalam and its encirons.


Kanniyakumari or Cape Comorin is one of the most popular tourist spots in the state. Nature is so spectacular at Kanniyakumari that several other Indian beaches pale by comparison. Cape Comorin is at its best during Chitra Pournami (the full moon day in April) when the sun and moon are face to face on the same horizon but other full moon days are also special and you can see the sun set and the moon rise almost simultaneously.


One can easily accomplish his/her wish of tamilnadu tourism by exploring the best attractions of the city. However, the tourists can easily come to know about the glory of South India in depth. The ocean waves of Kanyakumari will leave you breathless. This end point of India is located in Tamilnadu and is famous for the Vivekananda rock. When you come across Tamilnadu tourism, you will come to know that this state is known for its traditions and customs.


Madurai is known as Athens of the East, Madurai is a place of great historical and cultural importance. It is the oldest city in Tamil Nadu and Madurai lies on the banks of the River Vaigai. Madurai is one of the liveliest cities in South India it was originally known as Kadambavanam or the “forest of Kadamba” or the Nauclea kadamba.



During the rule of the British this town was called Trichnopoly. Today it is Tiruchirappalli and is also called Tiruchirappalli for short. This city is situated on the banks of the Kaveri River. Tiruchirappalli is the fourth largest city in the state and it was a citadel of the early Chola rulers which later fell to the Pallavas kings. The Pallavas never really managed to retain control of this strategic city and lost it to the Pandyas several times. The struggle for power between the Pallavas and Pandyas continued till 10th century as the Cholas asserted and assumed rule for a long time. Touring to the South India is always a fun loving experience for global tourists if you go with tamilnadu tourism.


Rameswaram is a holy place because Sri Rama, on his return from Sri Lanka, offered his thanks to Lord Shiva and performed pooja to wash away his sin in killing the Demon King, Ravana. Tamilnadu tourism is a journey of spirituality via nature.

Rameswaram is known for its 22 theerthas or wells in and around the main temple. This place is equally sacred to both Vaishnavites and Shaivites. According to Hindu Mythology, if one visits Rameswaram and prays to Lord Shiva one will be relieved of one’s sins.


                                     Rameswaram Temple

Some of the Finest and Awesome Historical Places in India


India is 7th largest country located in south asia and 2nd largest country by population. India is consisting of 28 states and four major religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. India is one such country whose past is steep in great historical events. The cultural heritage of this land has been like a single pot where diverse religions and empires of various rulers came together and melted into one. The countryside has been blessed with the remarkable marks of such historical blends. The historical places in India ranks prestigiously among the topmost World Heritage sites.

A visit to these historical places will provide you with a scope of delving deep into the pages of your history books and to explore the ancient eras. These spots comprises of several world famous forts, monuments, temples, wild life sanctuaries, hill stations as well as captivating tourist spots. These famous destinations depict interesting stories about both the creation and the creator. Tourists from all over the world visit this land to discover the beautiful cities and states that it comprises of.

Taj Mahal


The city of Agra was the regal capital of the Mughal Empire during the reign of Shah Jahan. He built the good-looking mausoleum - the Taj Mahal - for his consort Mumtaz Mahal after her death in 1631. Agra also has a lot of other Mughal monuments - the Agra Fort, the tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah, and Akbar’s fort at Sikandra close to Agra that make a visit to this historical place in Uttar Pradesh, India, a must see on your tour of the historical places in India.

Lotus Temple


       Outside View                                             Inside View

The modern capital of India - New Delhi was built in the site of an ancient imperial capital. Originally the capital of the Tomara clan in the 11th century A.D, Delhi was later the capital of the Delhi sultanate, the strong Mughal Empire and of the British in India. Monuments of Prithviraj Chauhan, the Lodi Tombs, and the Siri Fort of Allauddin Khilji, The Red Fort, Jama Masjid and Humayun’s Tomb from Mughal times and Rashtrapati Bhawan and assembly House built in British times are all monuments you would see on your tour of Delhi - one of the most charming historical places in India.

Caves of Ajanta Ellora

If you want to see the real charm of the Indian architectural legacy then you must pay a visit to the Ajanta Ellora caves. It hails its existence in the Aurangabad city of Maharashtra; and is part of the Aurangabad tourism. Ellora comprises of 34 caves; whereas the number goes down to 29 for Ajanta. The magnificence of the U-shaped gorge enhances the picturesque effect.This is the most awesomhistorical places in India.


                                          Ajantha Ellora Cave

Qutub Minar


About 15 km south of Delhi, in Mehrauli, this 238 feet and 1 inch high Minar has been referred to as “one of the wonders of world”. This soaring tower of victory was built immediately after the defeat of the last Hindu Kingdom in Delhi. Qutb-ud-din Aibak laid its foundation in 1200 A.D. Iltutmish added three more storeys. After damaged by lightning in 1368 A.D. Firuz Shah Tughlaq rebuilt the fourth story, added the fifth and a harp shaped cupola. A doorway in each storey opens to its own balcony.



Now a laid back village, Hampi was once the last capital of Vijayanagar, one of the greatest Hindu empires in India’s history. It has some extremely captivating ruins, intriguingly intermingled with large boulders that rear up all over the landscape. The ruins, which date back to the 14th century, stretch for just over 25 kilometers (10 miles) and comprise more than 500 monuments. An incredible energy can be felt at this ancient place.

Fatehpur Sikri


A city that was once the proud capital of the Mughal Empire in the 16th century, Fatehpur Sikri now stands deserted as a well preserved ghost town. It was abandoned by its occupants after only 15 years due to insufficient water supply. Constructed out of red sandstone, Fatehpur Sikri is full of regal palaces and courtyards. You can almost feel yourself being transported back to medieval times here.

Humayun’s Tomb (built 1605-1613)


Humayun inherited the Mughal dynasty when his father Babur died in 1530. His reign got off to a good start, but his addiction to luxury at the palaces at Agra left the door open for ambitious men to plot behind his back.

Humayun’s tomb is believed to have been designed by his widow. Its plan, based on the description of Islamic paradise gardens, is known to have inspired the Taj Mahal and many later Mughal tombs. This type of garden is known as a charbagh and is based on a grid . In 1857, the tomb was used as shelter by Bahadur Shah Zafar and his three princes during the first war of Independence. All the above are the most famous historical places in India never to be missed.

Most Spectacular and Famous Tour Places in India

India is a vast land and there are thousands of places you can visit. From North to South, East to West there are numerous places which you can see, each more beautiful than the other. Out of those thousands, here we list out the some of the places for you to see in case you are on a short trip to India. Even if you are on a long visit, these are the ones which you must not miss out.

India is very diverse – probably the most diverse of countries that you will find on this earth. We have some of the coldest places in Kashmir, A place that has highest rainfall in world – Cherrapunji, and also one if the driest places on the Earth – The Thar Desert. Adding to that – More than half of Indian boundary is home to beautiful beaches. And don’t forget that Northern part of India hosts Himalayan Ranges snow capped mountains. If you visit famous tour places in india then you will get lot of memorable moments.

Taj Mahal 


Taj Mahal of India - “the epitome of love”, “a monument of immeasurable beauty”. The beauty of this magnificent monument is such that it is beyond the scope of words. The thoughts that come into the mind while watching the Taj Mahal of Agra is not just its phenomenal beauty, but the immense love which was the reason behind its construction. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan got this monument constructed in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, with whom he fell in love at the first sight. Ironically, the very first sight of the Taj Mahal, the epitome of love and romance, also leaves visitors mesmerized and perpetually enthralled.  This is one of the famous tour places in india.


Himalayas tourism offer the highest mountain trails, roads and bridges for the adventurer; highest wildlife reserves which abound with the most exotic birds, animals, flowers and herbs for the naturalist; age old temples, exquisite villages, traditional architecture still in its pristine beauty and the tribal lifestyles of its inhabitants.


Trekking in the Himalayas is an enjoyable experience. There are difficult treks as well as easy treks, long and short treks. Vehicles, helicopters, Balloons and aircrafts are also available to explore the Himalayas. There are various trekking routes like Garhwal, Ladakh, Himachal and Kumaon.


This a mountaineer’s delight yielding every kind of challenge a climber could look for, unparalleled in scope for high adventure. Mountaineering is best here. 


Goa is truly a traveller’s delight as it offers an array of visual treat in the form of its beaches, forts and churches.


                BEACH                                              CHURCH


Goan beaches have never failed to charm its tourists. The swaying palms and the cool waves splashing on your face is a unique experience that Goa promises you with its finest beaches. It boasts of some wonderful beaches likeCalangute, Colva, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator, Sinquerim and still many more wait for you to explore them.


Old Goa possesses some of the most opulent churches and cathedrals that trace their origin to the Portuguese period. The architecture of these churches exhibit pure Portuguese style. This is also one of the famous tour places in India. Lot of peoples are visiting in this place during summer season.



Kanyakumari is especially popular in India for its spectacular and unique sunrise and sunset. The confluence of three ocean bodies – the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea – makes the sunrise and sunset even more special. On balmy, full-moon evenings, one can also see the moon-rise and sunset at the same time – on either side of the horizon.


Kerala offers some stunning picturesque locales that make it the most sought after tourist destination for visitors from India and abroad. Loose your heart to the mesmerizing charm of Kerala’s natural beauty.




The beaches are amongst the most famous places in Kerala. Experience the cool breeze and the golden sand on the beaches of Kerala. The state boasts of some enchanting beaches which include Kovalam, Chowara, Shanghumugham Beach, Varkala Papanasam Beach, Kochi, Bekal Beach and Alleppey.

Hill Stations:

Beat the city blues and get some respite from the heat in the calm hill stations nestled in Kerala. Explore the scenic beauty of some great hill stations like Wayanad, Ponmudi, Munnar, Idukki, Malampuzha, Lakkadi, Peermade, Wagamon, Devikulam and Nelliyampathy.

Wild Life: God’s own country boasts of some exotic wildlife that can be witnessed by you. Watch the elephants swing their trunks, the monkeys doing trapeze on the trees and the deers running on the green grass. If you are an animal lover then visit the famous sanctuaries like Eravikulam National Park, Eravikulam National Park, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and many others.



Amongst the top most famous places in Kerala, the backwaters are irresistable, and what better way to explore them than houseboats. Float on these calm waters in immense luxury in a houseboat, designed in a diverse range to suit the variegated need of the tourist.



Rejuvenate your body and senses with the age old Ayurveda. Kerala offers some exotic natural treatments that are very popular all over the world. Kerala it is one of the spectacular famous tour places in India.

Mysore Palace


Mysore is a tourism hot spot within the state of Karnataka and also acts as a base for other tourist places in the vicinity of the city. The city receives the maximum number of tourists during the period of the Dasara festival when festivities take place for a period of 10 days.One of the most visited monuments in India, the Ambavilas Palace (also known as Mysore Palace) is the center of the Dasara festivities.

Ajanta Ellora Caves


Located deep inside the Sahayadri hill region, Ajanta Caves are a beauty to visit. The caves are known for their beautiful depiction of Buddhist Jatakas. These Jatakas are a string of stories about reincarnation of Lord Budhha. There are about 29 caves in Ajanta. In ancient times, because of their secluded locations, these were used by the Buddhist monks for religious practices. Cave paintings are yet another feature of the Ajanta Caves. These are masterpiece work created using hammer and chisel as tools. Well known cave paintings at this magnificent tourist destination include Avalokiteshvara, Boddhisattvas and Padmapani. Images and sculptures of the great Budhha too are worth noticing. You can also find images of nymphs and princesses on the walls of the caves. These are the most famous tour places in india.

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